Bank Nizwa Empowers Employees To Become The Islamic Banking Leaders Of Tomorrow With 700 Training Opportunities

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Bank Nizwa successfully provided over 700 training and development opportunities in 2015 designed to nurture the next generation of Islamic Banking leaders. A translation of the Bank’s forward-thinking strategy to build its human capital, a total of 190 employees underwent a series of interactive workshops, training sessions, and conferences in strategic, leadership and Islamic banking disciplines.

Developed by the Bank’s Human Resources Department, the courses were delivered through a variety of channels using a selection of innovative tools, systems and approaches. As well as induction courses for new Bank Nizwa employees, the programs also included specialist workshops on topics ranging from Islamic Banking best practices to credit cards; professional qualification training; and domestic, regional and international conferences on issues, such as cyber-security and anti-corruption legislation, retail and SMEs.

“Effective succession planning and talent management are vital for long-term success in the rapidly evolving and fast-growing Islamic banking sector,” explained Dr. Ashraf Al Nabhani, General Manager Corporate Support. “Right from the start, we determined the strengths of our employees and looked at how they can be best developed in line with our growth strategies. We are determined to ensure that our staff enjoys a rewarding career and that together we continue to forge ahead in the market, contributing to the prosperity of Oman.”

According to Dr. Ashraf, the Bank is already reaping the rewards of its vigorous and pro-active approach to equipping its employees with the skills to meet the demands of the growing banking sector. He added, “Training and development will continue to be a high priority for Bank Nizwa in 2016, and we intend to continue building on this success, by providing our employees with specialized technical training in their functions as well as equipping some of them with academic and professional qualifications.”

Bank Nizwa aims to be a leading institution in attracting the best and brightest talent in the local market by hiring exceptional fresh graduates that demonstrate great promise, as well as attracting highly qualified and experienced employees with industry experience. To date, the bank employs over 300, with an Omanization rate of 88%.

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