Corporate Internet Banking

Bank Nizwa, the first and leading Islamic bank in Oman has enhanced features of its corporate Internet Banking. This is as part of the digital transformation plan to enhance product coverage and customer experience.

The current enhancements will help address many of your important expectations including International payments, online generation of payment advices, multi-currency transfers within and outside the bank and many more.

You can process your staff salary and OMR payments up to RO.20,000 round-the-clock (24/7) including holidays, while the high value OMR payment services are available from 8 am to 1 pm.


  • Single view of all your accounts and services
  • View & Statements of Operative / Call / Deposit / Escrow Accounts.
  • View of Corporate financing portfolio
  • View of Trade Finance services.

Outward Payments and Salary Processing

  • Processing of Corporate WPS Salary round-the-clock (24/7). new
  • Processing of Government Salary.
  • Payments covering Self/ within bank /within Oman / International. new
  • OMR payments below RO.20,000 round-the-clock (24/7). new
  • OMR payments above RO.20,000from 8 am to 1 pm. new
  • International Payments (as per currency level timings and limits). new
  • Customer specific foreign currency exchange rates are supported. new
  • OMR payments from foreign currency accounts. new
  • Multi-currency payments. new
  • Daily limit is RO.1 million, other than salaries.
  • Foreign Currency Daily Limit is RO. 250,000
  • WPS Salary limit is RO. 1 million per transfer
  • OMR transaction limit is RO.500,000 per transfer.
  • Foreign Currency transaction limit is RO.100,000 for USD and RO.25,000 for other currencies.
  • You will define your specific limits as per bank format for board resolution

Payment Advices

  • You can generate advices for OMR and Foreign Currency payments. new
  • You can generate advices for payments manually processed through branches.


  • Fully automated processing.
  • Flexible 6 level Transaction approval workflow. new
  • Unlimited number of corporate CIB users are allowed.
  • Corporate employees can create their own login and admins can approve it.
  • Corporate user management by Corporate Administrators.
  • Option to attach supporting documents with payments. new
  • Updated country / bank list is available as drop down for beneficiary creation. new

Security Features

  • 2 Factor Authentication to registered email.
  • Approval workflow and Transaction Limits as per board resolution.
  • Corporate Admin activities with maker-checker controls.
  • Activity History (Audit trail for users).
  • Transaction limit/ Daily limit / Monthly limit as per board resolution by customer.
  • All SWIFT payments demand invoice as mandatory attachment. new


  1. Your Administration Users in internet banking need to set up Account Limits for your foreign currency accounts as a pre-requisite for online foreign currency transactions.
  2. You can increase / initiate limits by providing a board resolution in the bank's format.
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