Bank Nizwa promotes Islamic Finance in Salalah through knowledge sessions

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Bank Nizwa, the leading and most trusted Islamic Bank in Oman, held the latest edition of its Islamic Finance Knowledge Series (IFKS) in Salalah. The insightful session was led by Sheikh Dr. Ali bin Sulaiman bin Mohammed Al-Jahdhami, esteemed member of the Shari’ah Board at Bank Nizwa.

Sheikh Dr. Ali engaged the staff of the General Directorate of Endowment and Religious Affairs in Dhofar Governorate with an enlightening session, discussing the fundamentals of Islamic finance and its impact on the banking landscape in the Sultanate. The audience received a wealth of information about Shari’ah compliant banking principles, the importance of financial literacy, the growth, and flourishment of the Islamic banking sector.

Commenting on the success of Bank Nizwa’s Islamic Finance Knowledge Series and the latest session in Salalah, Sheikh Dr. Ali Al-Jahdhami, said, “At Bank Nizwa, we continue to foster economic stability and social welfare through our ethical and sustainable Islamic banking practices. It is our dedication to raise awareness across the country that has brought about the success of the IFKS sessions. We are proud of this initiative, and our efforts to integrate Shari’ah compliant principles with modern banking practices to offer innovative products and services.”

As the most trusted bank in the Islamic finance sector, Bank Nizwa has contributed to the growth of Islamic banking. Over the past months, the Bank has conducted IFKS sessions in different parts of the country, reaching diverse communities across the Sultanate, in line with their mission to foster a true understanding of Islamic finance among the public and to cultivate a healthy financial outlook among communities. The IFKS sessions have been instrumental in promoting the importance of making well-informed financial decisions in order to achieve one’s financial aspirations aligned with one’s beliefs.

Since its establishment a decade ago, Bank Nizwa has been actively working towards the innovation, creation and development of fully Shari’ah compliant products and services as alternatives to those offered in conventional banking. As the leading Islamic bank in the Sultanate, Bank Nizwa is committed to maintaining its position as trusted partner to the community, and to its mission to serve its customers with products and services to cater to their every banking need. The Bank recognises that raising awareness about Islamic finance across communities is paramount to sustaining Oman’s overall economic stability and welfare.

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