Bank Nizwa’s ‘Masoliyati’ team honored for initiatives geared at serving the community

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As a bank that is invested in the welfare of the community, Bank Nizwa has been steadfast in implementing meaningful CSR activities that have a long-term, sustainable impact on the lives of the people. In line with the Islamic value of ‘giving’, the bank’s ‘Masoliyati’ program has undertaken a number of initiatives to extend a helping hand to those in need. With the aim to continue to promote the spirit of community service amongst its employees, the bank recently conducted a gathering to recognize and honor the efforts of the team members who have played an active role in the various volunteer initiatives conducted throughout the year.

The event was attended by the CEO of Bank Nizwa, Mr. Khalid Al Kayed, along with other members of the executive management. Members who played exemplary roles and rendered their services for voluntary work in the past year were handed out appreciation certificates and recognized for their efforts.

“As the leading Islamic bank in the country, Bank Nizwa upholds strong values of philanthropy, public service and community involvement. Our ‘Masoliyati’ team mirrors these values and has shown utmost dedication in going the extra mile to help enrich the lives of those less fortunate. Apart from the ongoing pandemic, the devastating effects of Cyclone Shaheen had also severely impacted the community. From offering financial support to providing hands-on services to help alleviate the plight of those affected, our Masoliyati team members have recorded over 900 hours of service to date,” said Mr. Al Kayed. “At Bank Nizwa, the values of being of service to society are deeply embedded within day-to-day operations and our employees have been proactive in seeking out opportunities to assist those in need. We are indeed proud of the commendable efforts of our ‘Masoliyati’ team and will continue to encourage them to spearhead yet more initiatives that are geared towards benefiting the community.”

In 2021, Bank Nizwa’s ‘Masoliyati’ team had organized an extensive food distribution campaign during Ramadan. While food packets were distributed in the Wilayats of Seeb and Muscat, the team also organized iftars at its branchesThe ‘Masoliyati’ team members were also there to offer aid during the flooding at Sur, while an extensive team of volunteers stepped forward to spearhead a number of relief operations in the Wilayats affected by cyclone Shaheen.

As a bank that believes in growing with the nation and its people, its strategic CSR initiatives have played an instrumental part in contributing to the betterment of society. With new ‘Masoliyati’ ambassadors and leaders injecting fresh ideas into the program, the platform has helped people from different segments of society with varying needs.

Playing its part as a responsible corporate citizen, Bank Nizwa’s ‘Masoliyati’ program has been a successful platform that has encouraged its staff members to assume a proactive role in identifying volunteer opportunities. The team’s enthusiasm, dedication and acts of selfless service have further helped the bank strengthen its relationships with the community.


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