Bank Nizwa CEO Shares Insights on Building a More Sustainable and Collaborative Future at MENA BFSI Leaders Conclave 2023

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Bank Nizwa’s CEO, Mr Khalid Al Kayed, recently participated in the MENA BFSI Leaders Conclave 2023, held at the Dusit Thani in Dubai. The highly anticipated event brought together top executives and influential individuals from the MENA region's banking, financial services and insurance industries (BFSI). The event aimed to address solutions and challenges related to building a more inclusive, sustainable and collaborative world.

As part of the panel discussion titled ‘Embracing the demand to elevate and set apart for a more inclusive, sustainable and collaborative world’, Mr Al Kayed shared his insights on various topics, including the evolving role of financial services in the economy and society, leading the way to foresee challenges, macro trends that matter and their impact in a post Covid-19 world, the significance of developing and implementing strategies that address regulatory reforms, technological complexity, competitive dynamics and shift towards a higher bottom line, refocusing on resilience for a competitive advantage in a radically uncertain world, and embracing Fintech through innovative solutions. The CEO’s participation in the panel discussion demonstrated his expertise and commitment to driving positive change in the BFSI sector.

Speaking on the significance of the event, Mr Al Kayed said, "As a participant in the MENA BFSI Leaders Conclave 2023, I am proud to have been part of a significant dialogue that will undoubtedly shape the future of the BFSI sector in the MENA region. The event's emphasis on embracing the demand for inclusivity, sustainability and collaboration was particularly enlightening. Through continued collaboration and innovation, I believe we can create a brighter future for the sector and the communities we serve. It was an honour to be part of such an esteemed gathering of leaders and I am confident that the insights gained will help Bank Nizwa and the entire industry move forward with greater purpose and impact.”

Bank Nizwa has been recognised for its innovative digitalisation and fintech solutions. With an unwavering commitment to meeting the evolving needs of customers, the bank has invested significantly in online and mobile banking services to offer secure, convenient and accessible digital channels. The bank's steadfast belief is that digitalisation and fintech are essential enablers for driving growth and customer satisfaction. As part of the bank's ongoing efforts, it is continuously working towards several new digital initiatives that will enhance its offerings and provide greater value to customers. The bank remains dedicated to continuously enhancing its digital capabilities and exploring new ways to harness technology to better serve its customers.

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