Bank Nizwa and Mastercard Announce Strategic Partnership to Simplify Digital Payments in Oman

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Muscat, Sultanate of Oman - Leading the way for Islamic banking in Oman, Bank Nizwa continues to enrich its customers’ experiences through innovation. Capitalizing on the benefits of technology, Bank Nizwa recently extended its strategic partnership with Mastercard to simplify digital payments in Oman.

Through this partnership, Bank Nizwa will be introducing exciting, innovative, and convenient payment solutions for its customers. Aligned to Mastercard’s focus on innovation, trust, and convenience, Bank Nizwa endeavors to provide a better payment experience for its customers.

“Mastercard is a well-established name in the field of cards and payment solutions, and we are indeed delighted to extend our partnership. While we continue to operate under Shariah-compliant norms, we are also coming up with innovative solutions to serve our customers better. We are confident that this extension of partnership with Mastercard will give us a good impetus to help drive a steady growth of our cards in the market.” said Arif Al Zaabi, AGM Retail Banking at Bank Nizwa

“At Bank Nizwa, we are constantly devising new ways to further enhance our customers’ experience, whether it is through top-notch services, innovative products, or added privileges. We will remain dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional services while incorporating the latest technological advancements for their convenience.” He added.

Girish Nanda, General Manager, UAE & Oman, Mastercard said: “Bank Nizwa stands as one of our most established partners in the Sultanate, and we are proud to extend this collaboration with them. The Sharia compliant financial services market continues to show a strong indication of growth and we are committed to working together in delivering bespoke Islamic payments innovations that resonate with Bank Nizwa’s customers. Be it shopping, travelling, running a business or managing finances, our solutions make everyday transactions seamless, secure and rewarding.”

Currently, Bank Nizwa offers an array of debit card options for its customers to ensure they can easily access their accounts whenever and from wherever they need to. According to their varying needs, customers can choose between Value Banking, Special Banking, Privilege Banking, Ladies Banking Account, Youth Banking Account, and Wealth Management. Bank Nizwa also offers the widest range of Sharia-compliant credit card facilities to its customers. Customers can opt between Basic, Standard, Gold, and Platinum credit cards, each of which comes with its own range of privileges and offers.

Bank Nizwa continues to embrace the challenges of a dynamic market by introducing new products and solutions. Placing its customers’ needs and demands as a priority, Bank Nizwa also continues to fulfill its promise to lead the way in the Islamic banking sector with customer-centric solutions.

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