With an aim of making the Sultanate Greener Bank Nizwa Participates in Tree Planting Campaign in Line with Omani Tree Day

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Bank Nizwa, the leading and most trusted Islamic bank in the Sultanate, Participated at atree plantation drive under its Masoliyati volunteer programme in collaboration with Authority of Environment in honour of Omani Tree Day. Over 200 volunteers participated in the plantation campaign at Ras Al Shajer Nature Reserve in Quriyat, including C-Suite executives, staff members and their families. As part of its effort to create a greener ecosystem, the company planted a variety of trees together. By adopting this eco-friendly practice, the company is maintaining its ESG values and creating a more sustainable environment.

“Omani Tree Day offers a great opportunity for the community to contribute to the local treescape in a positive way. Our awareness of the importance of a healthy planet has led to a heightened commitment to tree planting and other biodiversity initiatives. Bank Nizwa is committed to ensuring our plans align with Oman’s Vision 2040 agenda of preserving and protecting the country’s environment by adhering to reforestation and habitat improvement ventures,” HH. Syyidah Wisam Bint Jaifar Bin Salim Al Said, Head of marketing and Corporate communications at Bank Nizwa.

“Moreover, environmental protection is one of the major components of Islamic Shari’ah Law. It adopts an integrated approach to conserving the environment. Shari'ah law specifies provisions necessary to prevent misuse and damage to the environment as well as its resources in order to benefit people. As a bank that adheres to the principles of Shari’ah law, we believe in achieving this goal through such initiatives,” she added.

The campaign was designed to bring Bank Nizwa's employees together by planting trees, emphasizing that everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment. By reducing carbon emissions and their negative impacts on climate change, the initiative also seeks to improve air quality, increase green areas and improve the quality of life at large in the country.

As a bank that believes in growing with the nation and its people, its strategic CSR initiatives have played an instrumental part in contributing to the betterment of society. Playing its part as a responsible corporate citizen, Bank Nizwa’s ‘Masoliyati’ programme has been a successful platform that has encouraged its staff members to assume a proactive role in identifying volunteer opportunities. The team’s enthusiasm, dedication and acts of selfless service have further helped the bank strengthen its relationships with the community. The initiative is a platform that stems from the Islamic value of ‘giving’ and successfully engages people, thereby, enriching their lives financially, environmentally and socially.

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