Bank Nizwa Participates in & Supports the Second Family and Value Building Symposium

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Bank Nizwa, the leading and most trusted Islamic bank in the Sultanate of Oman, served as the Strategic Partner of the Second Family and Value Building Symposium, themed ‘Opportunities and Challenges’. Organized by the Imam Jabir bin Zaid Waqf Foundation, the symposium took place from 4-6 February at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center (OCEC) and witnessed the presence of eminent scholars and influential decision-makers from the Islamic knowledge and culture realm within the Sultanate and neighbouring regions.

Geared at driving meaningful dialogue to address the various challenges faced by families, Bank Nizwa’s support of the Family Symposium reflects the bank’s prioritization of events that promote societal unity, ethical values, and the overall well-being of the community. This commitment encapsulates the essence of preserving Oman's cultural heritage, nurturing familial bonds, and fostering values deeply ingrained in the nation's ethos.

Commenting on the importance of supporting this cause, Mr. Khaled Al Kayed, Chief Executive Officer at Bank Nizwa said, “Events like the Family Symposium stand as distinctive gatherings aimed at cultivating a profound cultural identity. Such forums provide educational, religious and cultural organizations with a framework to help individuals better navigate modern challenges, thereby serving as a stabilizing force amidst the shifts on a global scale.”

Elaborating further on Bank Nizwa's pivotal role in the event, he said, “Central to the ethos of Bank Nizwa is a dedication to community engagement, epitomized through strategic partnerships that aim to foster critical thinking, and broaden intellectual horizons. By aligning with initiatives such as the Family Symposium, Bank Nizwa seeks to exert a positive influence on society.”

The symposium, hosting more than 14 esteemed speakers and delving into several topics, saw the participation of over 20,000 attendees across diverse groups such as parents, families, teachers, and students from colleges and universities. In adherence to the theme 'The Family: Values and Challenges of the Era', the symposium shed light on Omani principles rooted in Islam, and raised awareness about the challenges brought upon by globalization on families. This initiative aimed to empower individuals intellectually, providing them with the vital knowledge needed for societal resilience and progress.

Extending beyond its role as a trusted financial partner, Bank Nizwa maintains a resolute commitment to preserving and promoting Oman’s rich culture, grounded in the values of Sharia. The bank will persist in endorsing initiatives that not only cultivate positive community awareness but also nurture a deeper appreciation of the country’s heritage.

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