Bank Nizwa becomes the first Islamic bank to address inclusion in the education system; signs MoU with Paradise Valley Private School, a private inclusive school with international curriculum.

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A progressive bank that is aligned with the national goals of building a knowledge-based economy, Bank Nizwa has remained committed to contributing to the education sector through various meaningful partnerships. Recently, the bank signed an MOU with Paradise Valley Private School (PVPS), an inclusive school where children with learning difficulties study together with mainstream children, to offer Sharia-compliant financing options to its customers. The agreement was signed between Arif Al Za’abi, AGM – Retail Banking of Bank Nizwa and Mahesh Verma and Khalid Al Qassabi, Directors of PVPS.
Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Al Zaabi, said, “The youth of today are the future of Oman and knowledge is the most powerful tool they can equip themselves with in order to better prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. Aligning itself to Oman Vision 2040 and the emphasis it places on the education sector, Bank Nizwa has been dedicated to empowering the youth. We are delighted to join hands with PVPS and offer a range of Sharia-compliant finance facilities to ensure that the learning journeys of students remain uncompromised. The inclusive system of education followed in PVPS will cater to the social, emotional and academic needs of students with varying abilities and help them unlock their true potential. By helping build a knowledge-based economy where individuals reserve the skills and capabilities to drive transformational change, Bank Nizwa seeks to achieve sustainable progress in the country.”
As per the agreement, Bank Nizwa and PVPS will mutually promote the various finance facilities that the bank’s customers can avail of. Focusing on simple, quick and hassle-free financing, Bank Nizwa ensures the entire journey to avail the finance is as seamless as possible. While PVPS submits a quote to Bank Nizwa, individuals seeking to secure finance from the bank will also need to submit all the documents required for credit assessment. Bank Nizwa will assess the individual’s creditworthiness and communicate the same to PVPS and the applicant, once the financing is approved. Students will then be granted admission to the program.
PVPS and their academic partners Pallavan Learning Systems recognize the different learning styles and abilities of students and create responsive and innovative systems to develop their interests while making learning fun, interactive and seamless. To further aid in the learning process, the school follows the Five Areas of Development (cerebral, physical, social, emotional and ethical) and has various professionals including Special Educator, occupational, speech and physical therapists to help children overcome various challenges.
“As per Oman Vision 2040, inclusion is a key focus area under the pillar of education. In line with this vision, PVPS and our academic partners Pallavan Learning Systems, focus on providing all students with a holistic learning experience. To help us further realize our goals, we needed a strong financial partner. We are, therefore, honored to join hands with Bank Nizwa. The bank mirrors the same vision as ours and is committed to supporting inclusion in the education sector and enhancing the learning process for students by equipping them with the necessary tools to excel and prosper. This partnership is the first of its kind between an Islamic bank and an inclusive school like ours, where children with difficulties study together with mainstream children, and we applaud the bank’s continued dedication in pioneering change and supporting us in contributing to creating a progressive generation that leads the Sultanate towards a bright future,” said Mahesh Verma, who helped start the school.
As a bank that is invested in the growth and development of the community and focuses on continuous engagement with customers, Bank Nizwa reserves a strong understanding of the varying needs of the market. With flexible payment options, a comfortable repayment period and attractive profit rates, the agreement will be increasingly beneficial for parents or guardians looking to finance their children’s school fees.
The signing of the agreement exemplifies Bank Nizwa’s focus on youth empowerment and further reaffirms its position as a leading Islamic bank that provides innovative solutions for the socio-economic benefit of the country.  With a vision to promote quality education amongst the youth, the agreement gives individuals an equal opportunity to enhance their academic qualifications and build long-term prospects. With innovative propositions and strategic collaborations like these, Bank Nizwa will continue to uphold its position as a pioneer Islamic bank that is committed to supporting the education sector and an inclusive school like PVPS,  while setting new benchmarks in the Islamic finance industry.

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