As part of its ongoing CSR efforts Bank Nizwa Commits to Supporting Flood-Affected Areas in Wilayats of Rustaq and Al Awabi

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In keeping with its commitment to social responsibility, Bank Nizwa, the leading and the most trusted Islamic bank in Oman, has provided aid to flood-stricken communities in Rustaq and Al Awabi in response to the severe flooding that struck the area. The bank pledged OMR 40,000 to support impacted people and companies in the two wilayats. Bank Nizwa has always been at the forefront of humanitarian and disaster relief efforts, providing aid to those directly affected.

“Our commitment to giving back to our community is a core pillar of Bank Nizwa's operations. Since CSR is an integral part of the way we do business, we strive to help those in need. In light of the floods in Rustaq and Al Awabi, the Board of Directors decided to contribute and support the communities affected,” said Sheikh Khalid Abdullah Al Khalili, Chairman of Bank Nizwa. “In our organisation, being compassionate and offering assistance to those affected by calamities is deeply ingrained as an Islamic bank that adheres to Shari'ah law. When it comes to proactive preparations, the bank consistently surpasses expectations. The goal is to ensure that adequate resources are available to ensure that families are protected and that recovery activities can be carried out in the aftermath of a crisis. As a result, we are pleased to offer this assistance and hope it will alleviate some of their burdens," he said.

Bank Nizwa focuses on assisting the communities affected by the floods and safeguarding their wellbeing. The Flood Relief Assistance is designed to support those in need of protecting the safety of their families and focuses on rebuilding lives following the floods. In strong alignment with the Shari'ah principles of giving back to the local community, Bank Nizwa has always been hands-on in assisting individuals and has contributed significantly to philanthropic and humanitarian causes.

This initiative comes as part of charitable initiatives launched by the bank to serve the community, effectively contributing to alleviating the damage caused by the climatic conditions in the Wilayat of Rustaq. Bank Nizwa was a forerunner in contributing to helping families affected by the weather. The bank also works continuously to contribute to the development and service of the community through its strategic programmes that consider the community's welfare and growth.

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