Accounts and Investment Products

Bank Nizwa offers a suite of Investment products to meet the day-to-day transactional banking requirements of our clients, such as Current Accounts, and Mudaraba or Wakala Investment accounts which generate profit/return depending on the actual performance of the business or investment entered into by the Bank on behalf of the client.

Corporate Call Account

A Shari’a compliant product to cater to the specific needs of corporations for flexible investment or deployment of excess funds based on the concept of Mudaraba. The principal shall have the opportunity to participate in Shari’a compliant activities of Bank Nizwa by appointing the Bank as its investment manager. The Corporate Call Account has been developed by Bank Nizwa as an alternative product to the conventional bank’s deposit or call account, in accordance with Shari’a. Under the Corporate Call Account, corporations shall have the flexibility of investments and withdrawals while maintaining average monthly balances for potential profit as per the tiered indicative profit rates.


  • Shari’a compliant.
  • Open to all corporate.
  • Quick access investment account.
  • Profit calculated on monthly basis based on monthly average balance maintained.
  • Sweeping option available whereby any shortfall in Current Account can be funded by available funds in Corporate Call Account instantaneously.
  • Option of other available banking facilities such as Corporate Internet Banking.


  • Tiered profit rates based on account average balances.
  • Addition to Current Account.
  • No cheque book or cards.
  • 3 business days call notice period.

Corporate Account Opening Application