Bank Nizwa empowers Omani Women talents in Islamic Finance Or Omani Woman Talents Drive Innovation & Success at Bank Nizwa

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In its decade-long term as the first and leading Islamic bank in the Sultanate of Oman, Bank Nizwa has made its mark as an ardent supporter of Omani women’s aspirations through its consistent efforts to empower them in the workforce. The bank’s focus on establishing a corporate culture that ensures female employees benefit significantly from equal and abundant opportunities for learning and growth has been instrumental in nurturing the talents and capabilities of its women staff.

On Omani Women’s Day, Bank Nizwa recognizes the pivotal role its women employees have played in driving innovation and success at the bank. Strengthened by 28.7 percentage of women employees, the bank’s woman workforce has been instrumental to the many triumphs Bank Nizwa has made along the way. A true champion of diversity and inclusion, the bank has many accomplished Omani women in esteemed leadership positions who drive change and development within the organization. Teams led by these inspiring women showcase unparalleled dedication and expertise, and have contributed markedly to the overall success of the bank.

“At Bank Nizwa, we believe Omani women are exemplars of intelligence, focus, strength and brilliance who have proved time and again that they are assets to the Islamic finance sector. They demonstrate remarkable zeal and dedication in their work that is not only commendable, but also inspiring,” Haifa Al Lawati, Assistant General Manager HR - Chief Human Resources Officer, Bank Nizwa, said on the occasion.

She added, “Our team has been greatly strengthened by the unmatched talents and expertise of our woman workforce and their incredible contributions have helped Bank Nizwa set new benchmarks in Sharia-compliant finance and pave a legacy of excellence. We believe it is our responsibility to provide our women employees with opportunities for learning and avenues for growth so as to lead them closer to the fulfilment of their aspirations.”

Committed to the development of its human capital, Bank Nizwa places utmost importance on employee skill enhancement. Through workshops, seminars and thought-leadership sessions held for women employees, the bank prioritizes the advancement of its woman workforce both professionally and personally. In addition, by creating a culture steeped in the belief that encouragement and cooperation are key to progress, the bank equips women staff with a strong support network that motivates them to break barriers and go the extra mile to succeed.

As the most trusted Islamic bank in the country, Bank Nizwa continues to make efforts to ensure the work environment for its employees mirrors its ethical Sharia-aligned values that are at the core of its brand. Bank Nizwa remains dedicated to providing its staff with avenues for growth and advancement, and is committed to fostering a happy, inclusive and supportive work culture.

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